Is There An Easier Way?

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I was trying to install my mainsheet stand up spring and boot. After repeated tries (and a LOT of cussing!) :mad: I gave up using string to compress the spring enough to mount it. I ended up using tie straps and a tightening gun for them. It allowed me to FULLY compress the spring. Three tie straps worked the best. Then I put it all back together, attached it to the boat and cut the ties. Is there an easier way to do the install?

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When I mounted mine, I closed the spring with 2 zip ties. Once the block was mounted, I cut the zip ties. No problems at all.
that ball-and-socket swivel base is nice, but at almost $40 is quite a bit more than a $2 or $3 stand-up spring.

I initially tried to do it by hand (with zero luck), and then resorted to the zip-tie method as well. can't remember if I used 2 or 3 of them, but it worked really well.
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When I bought the boat it had a spring, and was mounted to the inside of the lip of the footwell with an eyestrap. If the spring was stronger, the block would have been sticking into the middle of the footwell! Back in February I had posted a question about the block and spring. That is why I was confused about it. After looking at other boats on this and other websites, I figured it out that it needed to be mounted on the deck........ which is where it is now! ;)
only $0.81 from intensity ;)
Well my boat had one on it when I got it. It was about worn out so I replaced it with another one because the holes for it were already in the deck. I picked it up for $21.00 at the local boat yard and the boatyard guy gave me a nice ratchet block that came off of a yacht that they were doing a refit on so I came out ok on the deal. LOL
Don't know what springs you guys are using, but from the sound of it they are way to strong. All the ones I've used over the years you could easily compress with your hands. It only needs to hold up les than a pound not the whole boat.
mike, I was surprised at how stiff the spring was when it arrived in the mail - but I bought the one that was recommended for a Sunfish (the Harken 071 stand-up spring). I would imagine you could find a different version with less stiffness, though.