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is there a quick and easy sail patch for repairing small holes?


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I would prefer to keep the sail rigged and not have to be stitched. I have a few small coil size holes. What repair kit is quick and easy? Also prefer white or clear.

this is my first sail boat and I have no one to teach me so talk to me like I know nothing cause....well I don’t.


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Sail tape...
For instance,


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Some shops sell circular patches, some sell sail repair tape you can use... if you're close to a sail loft (sailmaker), walk in and ask the guys (or gals) if they have any scraps of adhesive patches, they'd most likely give you enough to handle those small holes. Be sure to patch or tape each side of the sail for strength, circular patches are easy to use because you can do one side of the sail, then hold the sail up to the light and see exactly where to place the patch on the opposite side. :rolleyes:

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I suppose that depends upon the quality of the patch or tape... the ones I used lasted a good long while, and I sailed all the time, though I seem to recall having to replace one patch when an edge began to curl. That was only one patch, I can't recall any others going bad. I liked walking into the loft at Ullman Sails, they didn't just make sails to order, they also repaired sails, so there were usually scraps of adhesive repair material on the cutting floor. They'd also sell adhesive material off a roll, you could buy it by the yard or however much you needed. I remember paying $10 for enough material to cut stars for placement on the mainsail of my Minifish when she was decked out as a Confederate Gunboat. Had to round the five corners of each star so they wouldn't come loose, but rounding worked like a charm, never had any problems (corners on tape or patches tend to curl due to flexing, I always rounded 'em off to some extent). That was good repair material off that roll, though, definitely high quality... the price was low because this all happened a long time ago, lol. :confused:


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Gorilla makes a tough, clear, tape. Its about 3x (maybe 4x) the thickness of clear packaging tape.

I've ground down the tips of metal tubing to punch out small round patches. ('Found a good use for the shafts of golf putters). :)

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Sailrite sells Adhesive backed sailcloth that is designed for repairs. Cut the patch about in inch wider all around than the repair area and patch both sides. We just patched up an old sail and had some fun with it.



They also sell different colors of adhesive backed insignia cloth, so get creative.



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