is the booms on the mini sunfish the same as the bigger sunfish?

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i have an extra set of booms with a sail for a mini sunfish. and someone asked me whether the booms are the same size as the larger sunfish? well, i know that the sail is smaller, but i don't know about the booms. does anyone know? i also found out that if one needs a mast for a mini sunfish or a regular size sunfish, you can get one at home depot, lowes, ace, and alot of other electric or hardware stores. all the mast is , is an emi, or electrical conduit. they come in 1o foot sizes and in two different metals. the cheaper one works just fine, and costs about $14.
I have a 1982 Sunfish and a 1983 Minifish. The measured lengths of the Minifish mast and booms are shorter than specs I've seen published.

Sunfish mast: (published spec) 10' x 2 1/4" OD
Minifish mast: (published spec) 9' x 2 1/4" OD
Minifish mast: (as measured) 8'9" (including bottom & top caps)
(I actually have two Minifish masts--both measure 8'9" long including caps)

Sunfish booms: (published spec) 13'8" x 1 1/2" OD
Minifish booms: (published spec) 12' 8" x 1 1/2" OD
Minifish booms: (as measured) 12'2" (including end caps)
(Both Minifish booms measure 12'2" long w/ caps)

The Minifish has a non-OEM sail from Super Sailmakers of Ft Lauderdale, FL which fits the booms properly.