Is a 1978 Catalina Capri similar to a 14.2?

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My son (13) and I are a considering a 1978 Catalina Capri - could any one tell this newby if I should even consider this boat? We are looking for a sailboat to learn on, maybe sail in the Puget Sound area if we become proficient enough! Thanks for your thoughts. Brian
Is this one of the open bow Omega 14 sloop rigged boats? Its an ok boat if it is but more information from you is needed to answer your question. What condition is the boat , trailer, sails and rigging in? How much are the sellers asking for the boat? Does anybody up in the area you live sail that boat? If they sail something else, why? What conditions will you be sailing in regarding wind strength and flatness of water?
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1978 info

Thanks for the reply Richard, I appreciate your thoughts on this boat. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and since I don't type very fast, I'll try this link to ebay were I found it:

We are just beginners in this sailing game, so I think that this may be a good starter boat for us if I can get it for a reasonable price. We will be sailing in either a lake, or in Gig Harbor (near Tacoma, WA) in fairly calm waters. I was going to see it this weekend to see what the condition is personaly. Thanks again for your perspective. Regards, Brian


Omega 14. The galvo trailer is worth $200-300 to the right person. The boat if its all there another $200-300. That boat is great for flat water and wind to 10 knots. Should be a great beginner boat for you and your son. If you can inspect the boat for the sails , rigging , rudder , centerboard and that so you know you're getting everything as boat bits and pieces add up quick ($$$).

Is the boat and trailer registered or will you face back tags and penilties when you go to register it. Down here in CA it can get expensive to register a boat and trailer with lapsed registration.
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1978 Add'l info

Thanks for the reply - it says all parts are there and it's ready to sail. From your info it seems that if I can get it for around $300-$400, it would be a good buy. My son has already said that he would clean it up! Thanks again for your thoughts, and I'll look into the registration costs. Regards... Brian