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I will no longer post to this thread and many others run by Bradley. I do not believe someone so close minded should be a representative of the ILCA. Goodbye and goodluck everyone.
I will still post to the juniors forum as that is where the youth voice should be heard.
Good bye.

In a final statement in this forum i will say.
Never stop asking questions, don't be followers and always- ALWAYS research things for yourself from multiple sources with multiple bias and determine by yourself what you believe the facts to be.

Calm down.....everyone .

We all have to learn not to take others oppinions so personaly. You just can't run away when you don't agree. It's ok not to agree with what someone else is saying but don't get angry if you can't convince them that your thought process is right.....that's what makes us independant. No one here is going to say "Ok you've changed my mind your right and i'm wrong" much respect would we lose for each others oppinions then.

For those that have a difference of oppinion can agree to disagree, and move on.

Thank You


way to be ken!

yeah seriously, brad and i are just proud americans. we aren't close minded we just believe.

back to the point, i believe there is one simple reason why we should attack iraq. congress signed a declaration of war on terrorism. not on bin laden nor al queda. so, if sudamn is not being fair in the inspections or if the inspectors find some plan to attack america or its allies INCLUDING CANADA, then we have all the right in the world to take him out.

the same exact thing happened in WW2. congress signed a declaration of war against the empire of japan NOT NAZI GERMANY. but we didn't only kick the japaneze's asses but we kicked nazi ass as well. i'm hoping for the same outcome this time around.

and about my comment of the victims of heroshima; what i said i wish i could take back. i'm sorry. innocent people died and nowhere in the world in my mind is that exceptable. we should have attacked heroshima because they were a major weapons and ammo suppy depot but to nuke 'em was very very wrong. war is between countries not between civilians who have no say. and to whomever called me close minded well im not. i try to see things from every point of view for the fairness of it all. at that moment howeever, yes i was close minded to get a point across.

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Well I would consider your post but there is one problem:

America is the best Country in the World!!
There is no doubt in my mind. I am proud to be an American and your comment doesn't offend me because I know it is false.


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that says something about americans YOU ARE ALL IGNORANT


What do you say we "bottle the edge" with the blatent american bashing. There hasn't been one post that has equaled your sentiments regarding Canada ....and it's respective people. We cannot allow ourself to sink to that level.......respect each others oppinions prove that you are better than that.

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