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I currently running Navionics APP on my iPhone and iPad. What is any body else running? they just added some new features one is call Advanced Marine Options. Looks pretty cool. Anyone else try it??
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9HMPT-Shallow water 11' Shading.png 10HMPT-Shallow water 7' Shading.png 11HMPT-Shallow water 11' Shading OFF.png shot 003 P+ Dynamic Icons ON.png shot 004 P+ Dynamic Icons ON Easy View ON.png shot 005 P+ Depth Highlight.png shot 006 P+ Depth Highlight Max 33ft Min 22ft.png So just updated Gen 2 Touch and got a neat suprise with these new features easy view, depth highlight and shallow water highlight. here are some photo's. anyone eles have any cool screen shots?
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Just got this from a friend and it looks really cool. He said it was done with either a Humminbird or Garmin, either wat this is cool. You can do this in your local area? ask how?



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We had someone from Italy contact us about a new social sailing app they have developed. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but he said although they have more extensive usage in the Mediterranian, their GPS and Navigation go all over the world. Has anyone ever heard of it or tried it yet? It's called SailPro. It's by Sailing The Web.
Not sure on the charts, but my sailing buddy used it to get info on some cool anchorages. He used the Community Edits on his Navionics app to add it to the map so he had all the info in one place in his Navionics maps plus he could share it with all the other boaters using Navionics. SailPro sounds like it has some good info and social features.