iPad Anyone?

I completely agree, though the sad thing is apple will likely never do anything like that.
They have some pretty oddball design decisions in their devices and software thats for sure.
Despite being a convert to the Mac, the thing that puts me off the iPad (and iPhone) is the way all the "apps" are sandboxed. This results in it being impossible for there to be any integration between functions. OK there are some Apple utilities to allow "apps" to e.g. access photos stores - but there are poor and have very limited functionality and make the "app" using them useless (which is why they don't).

I can appreciate the benefits of the sandbox but it is severely limiting what can be done on the device (at least what useful things can be done).

Apple will either have to open it up or bring out versions with a proper OS (e.g. OS X). before I get interested. Which is a shame as I could really use a computer in iPad format.

Hopefully, my ID is safe. I guess if you login to the forum next week and its hacked we can blame AT&T.

I'm finding the iPad is a great iphone replacement. I switched over to the Driod after too many dropped calls or no service problems on AT&T in March. The Verizon service is great, but the phone doesn't surf the web like the apple products. I keep the iPad close by most of the time. Its great for waiting at DRs offices, DMV, traffic lights, etc. Its definitely not a laptop replacement though.

My most common tasks on the ipad are reading emails, updating my facebook/twitter, and deleting classified ads. The later is much faster on the ipad than my phone.
I bought iNavX for the iPad and iPhone. $60 and well worth it for a navigation system. It is handy for me to keep on deck when I want a chart handy. Highly recommended but no replacement for a laptop navigation system.
I'm an Apple fan boy but had never been particularly interested in the iPad until I saw them in action at a conference a couple of weeks ago and realized what lean, mean, conference-going machines they can be. They are of course way easier to lug around than a laptop. I saw a presentation run off one iPad. Another dude took notes and did all the other things on his iPad that I normally do at conferences except at the end of the day he hadn't bothered setting up his power adapter and he still had 80% battery juice left.
I agree with Shamusunset. We also have Navionics on our
  1. iPad
  2. Galaxy S3
  3. Galaxy S4
  4. Galaxy tablet
We have some of these waterproofed and some of them....not so much. But whether we use the app in the cabin or on deck, that has been the most useful sailing app we've downloaded.

I was always an Android person but after I got an iPad I discovered that apple stuff is really awesome! I use my iPad for navigating, tracking regattas and races, tracking sailing practice (and I even used it to track our takeoff in a commercial jet just to see what the speed was on wheels-up)! The iPad has a built in GPS so you don't need wifi or cell signal for it to track. Just download the free Navionics app and you can use your iPad for nautical navigation, tracking races (gives you distance overall, leg distances, overall time, average speed, max speed, and more), and saving routes so you know where you've been (and you can share the routes easily with your friends). Definitely love the iPad (and it takes great photos!)