Invitation to Texas C14 Sailors

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Hi Dave, JG and cybersambista, and any others down South Texas way...

Want to invite you all (sorry 'bout the late notice) to the upcoming Wurstfest Regatta at Lake Canyon Yacht Club... it's coming up this weekend (10/30 and 10/31). Please check out the NOR at

On line registration is at bottom of notice...

Hope you're all well... summer has kind of come and gone, hope you all had some good sails... How's the boat coming Dave? I just finished the boardboat fall series at LCYC, and am tired of losing to the Flying Scots! Would love to have some C14s to race with!


Hi Peter,

I was going to register today or tomorrow. I finally go around to finishing the repairs last week. As long as school doesn't load me down this week, I will have it ready to sail by this weekend. I hope to see you guys there.

Hi Peter,

I wish I could have made it, but unfortunately, I incorrectly though I was done when I finished the mast step repairs. On Friday as I was getting the boat ready, I found that I had to repair some delaminated fiberglass on the port side of the deck at the bow. I crawled up in the cubby to fix it from the inside. While I was in there, I saw an area of rotten wood under the center of the deck where a previous owner had mounted a cleat. I cleaned it out and injected epoxy to fill the void left by the rotted wood, and then, more paranoid than ever about problems with the boat, I double-checked the rest of the hardware. Anyway, I think and hope I was able to finish the rest of the repairs this weekend, except for reattaching the teak, so I should be able to get on the water next weekend. (After all of this, I think my next boat will be brand new, or at the very least, I'm going to drive the previous owner crazy as I go every inch!)

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We missed you Dave - there were 17 boats in the Portsmouth Fleet - only one Capri though :-(
It was pretty hairy out there, with sustained winds in the 20s on Saturday, 25 mph on Sunday, with gusts up to 35mph. Sailed with my wife on Saturday - got caught by a strong gust and flipped as she didn't have the strength to uncleat the jib - didn't spend but about 90 seconds in the water, and continued to race... Sunday, my son and I sailed, did pretty well against the faster boats (the Snipes prety much cleaned up!), but had a great time... Was a good weekend for sailing up there this weekend - over 90 boats on 3 courses... 47 Sunfishes on one, and another course with the Flying Scots and Lasers... Be in touch, and good luck finishing up the boat...
Thanks for the report. I'm sorry I missed the race. From my garage where I was working on the boat, I could see the trees blowing, and it felt nice and warm. I would have loved to be out there in those conditions. I'm afraid that we won't see many more of days like that until spring.

I checked my deck repairs this morning, and what had been a moderately large "spongy" spot is now as solid as the rest of the deck. Since the keelboats will be racing this coming weekend, I may go out and observe from a safe distance. Closer to spring, I also want to come out and check out the membership requirements. I am interested in joining the club. By mid-spring I should be done with school and have more time to sail.