Class Politics Introducing the New Official Class Sail

Andy B

And back to the point – how does the MK2 sail.

My first outings were at a large club on a stretch of open water but there was no Laser sailing over Easter so I went to my local puddle where they are the friendliest bunch you have ever met.

The new sail was much more challenging in a nice way. The kicker adjustment is really sensitive, you don’t need to let it off so much because there is more luff roach and you don’t need to pull it on so hard because two blocking flattens it quite nicely. On the puddle it meant it was very difficult to set up the sail for optimum speed quickly and you then had to adjust every minute or so because a characteristic of the water is, over the length of the leg, it can turn from a beat to a reach, its the valley and the trees. I’m thinking about taking a purchase out of the kicker to help with the adjustment. The overall feel of the sail reminded me very much of the RS Aero which also has a fine kicker adjustment.

As a club sailor I am looking forward to a proper review from professionals like Emmett and Cockerill so I can pick up a few tips.

I think the MK2 will change the game a bit and for the better.