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International Racing Laser


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2003 laser racing package in excellent condition, very competitive boat. Ready to Race. No work
needed. Bilge always dry.

• Race rigging - all recently updated lines
• Dynamic dolly
• Full and radial rigs and masts
• 2 full sails (one almost brand new)
• Blades excellent
• Blade bag
• Top cover
• Windex

Seller: Jack Stevenson
Cell: 203-278-6078

email: jackcs99@gmail.com

price: $3,000 o.b.o.

Please see pictures and flyer attached



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Hello Jack,

I was interested the laser you had for sale. It looks comparable to a slightly newer one listed for $2500 up in old lime. As I am in Westport, would rather stay local. Are you flexible on price?


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Hi mduncan,

I am flexible. The radial mast and sail adds value. The boat and sails on in excellent shape.