Installing an autobailer

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So, my 1978 hull has never had an autobailer. I bought one from a guy who wrecked his hull and salvaged some parts. It came without the screw to attach it to the hull.

Does anyone know what size screw I should use? I have also heard that there should be an anchor? Is this correct? Or can you just screw it directly into the hull?

I have searched, but haven't been able to find instructions for installing an autobailer on a hull that has never had one. Any help would be much appreciated!
When you install the plug in the hull do not put sealant between the plug and the hull. The problem is that, if you do, the plug can just spin in the hull. Just push the plug in to the drilled hole in the hull and then put a generous layer of silicone over the top of the plug/hull interface.
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I wasn't able to find the anchor by itself that I could buy. Would a drywall insert type anchor from a hardware store work? I bought some at the hardware store. However, they are too long to work with a 1" screw (that was suggested earlier in this thread).

So, I need some advice. Do I just use the longer insert and go with a longer screw? Any reason this won't work?

Or, do I try to cut the plastic insert down some?

Or, am I better off not using the insert and screwing directly into the hull?

Will 4200 be sufficient to use around the screw hole and edges of the bailer? Or, should I be using something different?

Thanks in advance!