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Inspection Port Drama


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Hello all,

I am currently in the process of fitting my inspection ports to dry out the hull on my fish, ordered 5” ports, drilled my 5” holes, lo and behold, the holes are too small. Any advice? I have 4” ports as well, but not sure any amount of 5200 would leave me comfortable knowing it would be watertight with all the play in the port itself with a 5” hole and 4” port!

additionally, I’ve been grinding out and fairing a lot of my gel coat cracing, and planned on rolling/tipping the entire deck before the season starts. Looking for more advice on what grit to start my sanding with for prep. Previous owner put down hydroturf because sailing hurt their bum. However, no amount of acetone or goo gone can get the adhesive backing that remains up! I’ll send photos if they’re needed to show that! Always appreciate the help of the forum ☺

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Need photos. Normally the inspection port cap, flipped upside down on the hull, makes a good template for the hole.

We start with 120 grit. And would sand off the adhesive, it will gum up several discs but will get it gone. Another product we like is 3M Adhesive Remover.


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Inspection ports vary in quality. I bought a new 6-inch "Viking" brand recently. It is soft, very (too) flexible, and doesn't even seal adequately. :confused:

Five inch ports would work, but I'd find them confining; sometimes, a necessary tool won't fit through! My little take-down Sevylor paddle won't fit. :oops:

Before a final installation, protect the deck's raw edges against your coming down with a case of "fiberglass rash". :(

Installation with screws presents another hazard to the skin. I'd carefully measure for length and bolt them in with Nylok nuts. (Same suggestion for replacing all other backing blocks).
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