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Information on Master's Worlds in Hyannis:


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I'm signed up to compete in the 2002 Worlds Masters in Hyannis starting on 9/20/02. My name is listed in the ILCA list of competitors. I registered back in early June. i haven't seen or heard one thing about the races from ILCA. Is this the norm here or am I missing something?

I only live 15 minutes away from the race sites but I would be rather upset to find I omitted something and I'm not eligible through some error.

Any help here?

I've yet to figure out how to get a post on the other board because my "reply" feature just sends it to the person who posted the note and not back to the master list.

Chris Gordon



You can find out the latest on the 2002 World Website, located at http://www.laserworlds2002.com/

Other than that, Thats all I have/know about it. Let us know if you find something helpful, a lot of people have been asking me about them!



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As long as you are registered with ILCA, you should show up on Fri/Sat for registration and measurement. We will have a big crowd and a bar space for all. The Seniors are on now, great sailing and Hyannis YC is looking forward to welcomimg the Masters. Pray for wind and beer deliveries, all will be perfect.

Peter Johns
Laser World Championships 2002