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information for new 14.2 owner

Scott Airey

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Good news. Just bought a 1990 Catalina 14.2. I have sailed before and owned a super snark previously. I would like to get some ideas where i can obtain some general information regarding rigging and sailing my new boat before i take her out on the maiden run. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.


Congrats on your purchase, I love my Capri 14.2.

The handbook is online for rigging and tuning:

Read through this forum as much as you can for tips and suggestions.

My first suggestion is to give the handbook a read. Then do some capsizing drills with your sailing buddy in the shallow waters, so you both know what to expect if/when you capsize. My biggest finding from my capsize practice was trying to figure out how to get back into the boat, everything else was easy. I keep some webbing run through the cockpit drain hole and back over the transom as my rope ladder for climbing back in.

My other advice is to get on the water and sail all you can. This is the best way to figure out what needs to be tuned/tweaked/removed for easier sailing.

1989 Capri 14.2
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I rigged mine at the house, that way I could take my time. Glad I did, because there were a couple of missing pins, and the forestay was in worse shape than I thought.