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I’m writing to sailors in District 18 of the ILCA-MA to introduce myself as the new Secretary. I sail out of Leatherlips Yacht Club in Powell, Ohio, which is just north of Columbus. I’m my small fleet’s captain. I am also the administrator “Merrily” here on the forum.

The district has been without a secretary for quite some time, so there’s some catching up to do with data. The information that I received about Laser fleets in the district from the national office is three years old. I’m hoping that if you’ll answer some questions, we can get up to speed in a hurry. I’m collecting the information to answer Laser sailors’ questions about sailing venues and to be able to coordinate district regatta schedules, so here goes--

1. Are you a member of a sailing club? If so, what is its name? If not, where do you sail?

2. If you are a club member, does your club have a Laser fleet? What’s its number?

3. What is your fleet captain’s contact information?

4. Does your club have an annual Laser regatta to which non-members are invited? When is it? How well attended is it?

5. How can I best serve you as district secretary?

If you want great sailing opportunities, please answer the above carefully. You can reach me at I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Janet Rupert