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In need of many used laser parts...

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I am an "old laser sailer"... #23854. I grew up sailing Thistles on Lake Coeur 'Alene, Idaho and purchased my Laser in 1981. I continue to love the sport, and have passed the love on to my children. My daughter is a camp counselor at Camp Sweyolakan, a Camp Fire camp on Lake Coeur d'Alene.

This summer I have volunteered to resurrect the sailing program at the camp. I have recently gone to the camp to inspect the condition of their Laser "fleet". They have 8 M rigged Lasers in various states of disrepair. I have compiled a list of parts that need replacing... that list varies from drain plugs to entire rudder assemblies. The good news is the sails are in decent shape, and we actually have extras.

My problem of course is that my budget is not as big as my need. I was
wondering if anybody knows of any sources for used parts or if you know of any benefactors for this type of program. These parts do not need to be in pristine condition if you know what I mean. We are just wanting to get these boats into the water and operating with new sailors in mind. I am appealing to your sense of passing the spark on to youth, as it is obvious you have a passion for laser sailing. Any help you could give in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Craig Griffith
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