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Here is another improvement that became a priority after severely banging up my ankle on the elaborate cam cleat and block arrangement for the center-board. I'm a simple person and all those blocks seemed odd, not to mention painful. So, these last pictures show the new routing of the line used to control the centerboard.

Former location of the port-side cleat (ditto to starboard):

New anchor point using one of the original blocks:

One of the cam cleats relocated to a more convenient location (my opinion only!):

New routing of the center-board control line (old routing in black):

And the resulting, out-of-the-way routing of the line from front block to cam cleat:

Close-up of the new cleat location on the INSIDE of the Barney Post (man, I hope I'm using correct terms here... new guy alert):

... That's it. I sincerely enjoy hearing about and seeing projects from other people; hopefully these shots were interesting.
Centerboard Cleat

That's conveniente!
Do you happen to have the centerboard mount brackets handy?
If so, I'd appreciate you giving me measurements as I am having them made (i live in Argentina). Or maybe check the measurements I have posted on this forum to see if they're right? Thanks
Nice work

I like that arrangement... I am so gonna try that to get rid of those blocks... It has taken my ankle a few too often as well.

I have a question though, I see in those pictures, you detached your centerboard bungee. Is this just for trailering, or do you run that way on the water?

Working from your own words.. is this a way of "simplifying the deck" or is it more a preserve the stretch thing.

Just curious... But again nice work.
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Really glad you liked the modification.

The centerboard bungee is just disconnected to trailer and hopefully get more life out of it. Once I'm away from the dock in enough water to lower the board, I connect the bungee to the eye-bolt on the transom.
Gotcha.. smart move, mine has been connected for like eons, probably why the centerboard doesn't go down so easy eh? Time for a call to catalinadirect (again).
If your centerboard is not going down smoothly the gasket under the boat may be caught up inside the cb well when the board comes up. Happened to me and once I replaced the trunk gasket all works very smooth and easy.
Aw, OK... news to me... now I have something else to look for. You have a picture what it looks like? How do you get the Capri up off the trailer to look at this stuff?
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SHNOOL said:
Aw, OK... news to me... now I have something else to look for. You have a picture what it looks like? How do you get the Capri up off the trailer to look at this stuff?
I stacked cinder blocks up to just under the bottom of each rear corner. Then, the boat is light enough that I just rocked/lifted one corner at a time and inserted a board to shim it up. Repeat on the other corner. After going back and forth a few times, the back was up off the trailer. On the front, I just gave the nose a good strong life and slid a 4x4 under it all the way across (supported on both sides). Once I saw daylight I could pull the little trailer out by hand.
I have found that a couple of people can lift the boat off the trailer, then set it on the ground, where you can turn it over an work on the bottom. Did that when I first purchased the boat. Since then my sailing club uses a hoist to put the day sailors in the water. So I rigged up a lifting harness and will lift the boat with that, pull out the trailer so I can access the bottom for work. A pulley system in my garage allows me to now lift the boat off the trailer for work.

I'm an old shade tree mechanic so I just get under the boat on my back to work on the gasket. Looking up at the gasket and board you can inspect to see if its been sucked up the cb well with the board. If it has , that sucker can be very tight.
gotcha, I am a large guy (230#), and laying on my back looking up at the bottom of the boat, just seems unnatural... but hey, anything for the sport!
I'm 6'2" 235#s, I understand your comment but I'd rather not have to lift the boat off the trailer for this easy repair. I've been in boat hull voids that were much more unnatural then laying under a boat on a trailer, so its no problem.
Good luck.
Hi Scott,

Thank you for posting this helpful information; just completed this inprovement today, it works great.

Any other ideas you have will be sincerely welcome.

Thanks again,