Class Politics Important Message #2 from the Sailor Athlete Council


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Sailors ---

Re a message sent earlier this week, it occurred to us that the most critical information was contained in an attachment which you may not have received via the list serve. This information follows. We encourage you to read it and register as a sailor-athlete.

Important Message from the Sailor Athlete Council

February 25, 2004

2004 is a critical year for our sport of sailing.

·New leadership is taking the helm at the international level as ISAF President Paul Henderson’s term ends this November

·The United States hosts ISAF’s mid-year meeting in June

·It is an Olympic year. Issues which affect the next quadrennium are on the table and your views need to be heard.

Now is the time for active sailors of all levels to become more involved and make an impact on our sport. Registered Sailor Athletes influence the decisions made at the national level, within US SAILING, and within ISAF. This is a unique opportunity to have your voice heard.

We are asking current members of US SAILING to register today as athletes. By registering as athletes, you will have the opportunity to elect the members of the Sailor Athlete Council, or sit on the Council yourself. The Council has a permanent seat on the US SAILING Executive Committee, and is a growing voice within US SAILING. The Council can nominate individuals to the Board of Directors, and can place registered sailor athletes throughout the organization.

We are also asking those who are not currently members of US SAILING to join the organization, join us by registering as an athlete, and BE HEARD. At this critical time in our sport’s history, the decisions are being made that will determine our sport’s future. The voice of active, interested sailors is growing stronger by the day.

There is no cost to register as an athlete and you can do it on our website.

üFirst, you will need to determine what level is appropriate for you. The definitions of A, B and C level athletes can be found at the following link:

üHere is where you register:

üAnd if you need to join US SAILING first, here is how you join:

We hope you will join us today, and help steer the direction of our sport in 2004 and beyond.


The Sailor Athlete Council

Dean Brenner (Chairman), Betsy Altman, Cory Sertl, Mark Reynolds, Hal Haenel, Louise Gleason, Bob Merrick, Susannah Carr, Ned Jones, Geoff Ewenson, Roger Cleworth