I'm creating an App for sailing beginners - Sailknowledge Compact


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Hello everyone,

my name is Marian Frische and I am the developer of an app called "Sailknowledge Compact". Initially it was only meant to assist my father, but because I got lots of feedback from other people I decided to release (and sell) it to the public.

I am just gonna quote the text I wrote for the shops, because that explains best what the app actually includes

Containing all important information like terminology, tacks, basic maneuvers, right of way rules and information about knots, it is the perfect way to aid learning, improving and remembering crucial details and necessary steps.

Currently the app features three basic guides that will help you remember the sailing terminology like port and starboard, leeward and windward and the different points of sail. It also features four different basic maneuvers that every sailor should know - docking, jibing, tacking and the man overboardrescue turn. Furthermore it will also guide you through the right of way rules with different examples for each rule. Last but not least the app also explains five different knots, how to tie them and where they are commonly used.
If you are not so much into reading, check out this short preview video:

The app is for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and there is also a PC (Win/OSX) version out. You can find the specific shop link on my website - sailknowledge.marianfrische.com or just check out those specific links:

AppStore (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sailknowledge-compact/id888336601?ls=1&mt=8

Play Store (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.WATAP.SailknowledgeCompact

Also, here are 3 promo codes for the iOS version :)
Thanks everybody for reading and I hope you don't mind that "advertising text" being my first post here!
- Marian