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ILCA Technical Officer


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Weather he wants it or not I'm thinking Shevy is the man for the job.

Based primarily on his technical display through his achievements and desire for technical perfection as it relates to the laser and the politics surrounding it.

May the debate begin........ :cool:


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I agree that Shevy would be perfect for the job of Technical Officer. I second the nomination!


Come on! Get real, guys!

1. The position announcement states "The candidate will probably have a technical degree or similar qualification, experience in the manufacture of GRP small craft and in resins, and be familiar with mast technology and sail making." I am only an amateur w.r.t. to these specific requirements. I do not even qualify. (My Ph.D. is in Operations Management/Management Science.)

2. Aren't you aware of the politics involved? I could be the worst nightmare ILCA and the builders could face. Ian Lineberger (USA), Jeff Martin (GBR), Ryan Minth (USA), Tracy Usher (USA), Chip Johns (USA), and Tim Coventry (GBR) - all members of the World Council - are all class leaders that I have severely criticized in the past while defending various rights of Laser sailors.

3. Can you imagine "drLaser" losing its independence and appearing as part of the "system"? It would be a loss to Lasering.

No reason to debate.