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Certainly I can't set rules for a thread but here is my suggestion>>

When I read the Winter Newsletter, I started a thread and complained vigorously about leaving out entire districts from Around The Districts and District Schedules.

The issue that arrived at my house today had some content from virtually every district. I am happy to see that our class is doing a much better job of serving the entire Region as opposed to just the few districts where the secretaries are self starters.

So, constructively and perhaps with an accompanying explanation "Why this is a great use of our assets:"

What other improvements would any of you like to see in the newsletter?

What do you see as "Essential Editorial Policy?"

My opening example:

I would like to see a photo of at least one person from each of the NA Districts in each newsletter. It should be a recognizable face photo and may or may not include a Laser.

I think if the newsletter has photos of people sailors already know or at least have seen sometime, the readers of those newsletters will feel a bit more personally attached to the "big North American Association."

My perceived result of this editorial policy:
Any sailor who attends one out of town or even one large local invititional and who pays dues will almost certainly see a photo of somebody he knows or himself /herself in at least one of the four annual issues.

Justification for this use of manpower and financial assets:
I believe this sort of editorial policy would cause more sailors to open and read newsletters, find more reasons to attend events, and attend those events...which of course would bring more people out to play with me...which is why I support having a class in the first cause more people to come play with ME.
Jerelyn was running a nice series on "meet the sailors" but I think she ran through all the people who wanted to be profiled...

I am told often that she is happy to print pictures, the only requirements are: 1) it needs to be a high resolutioin digital image (frequently people sent low res), 2) she needs to know who is in the picture, 3) she needs a photo credit. Send the picture to the class office! You never know, it might become a cover shot!

Fred... you were supposed to notice the nearly 500 events from all but a handful of districts listed in the issue... with instructions to check the online calendar at for all the details (include a map to show you where the event is). As I type this, there are 577 "active" events in the calendar with more getting added nearly every day. If YOU want your event in the calendar, be it the intergalactic championship or simply an evening beercan series, you can enter the information online (e.g. go to the calendar page, then click on the "submit event" link). We'll notify the District Secretary and then get it posted right away.

You were also supposed to notice Clay Johnson's great Laser Tuning Guide - just in time for Spring! I was hoping to keep that under wraps until after the Masters North American Champs next month but... well, you can see what little weight I carry...


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and by gum I am happy to see the increase in published information whether we stop doing printed newsletters or go to psychic mind meld printing...( that would be cool!!)

well, you can see what little weight I carry..
But more importantly and seriously>>>

You dang sure better not carry weight...that's not legal anymore.

About the photos?? Having bazillions of them them on line is a great thing as well and does not require as high resolution.

The best answer I ever found for getting photos was to show up at 25 events every year and and hand a camera to somebody while I went out and raced in the regatta.

We need to drag our two secretaries out on Radials or 4.7s or as a Laser Two team and sailing in all our big events.

It is a lot easier to convince people you sincerely believe something is fun if if you have a photo of yourself grinning from ear to ear while doing it yourself.

It breaks my heart that anybody knows when and where where all those great events of ours are being held and can't manage to sail in lots of them.

Let's resolve as good members of our class to quit torturing our secretaries and make certain they race in a couple dozen of our regattas every year.

But re-focusing>>

My point with this thread is to seek ideas. The pool of folks who contribute is never ever large enough. When I ask what folks would like to see in newsletters I hope to get responses not from me or Tracy. Each of us has been been making every suggestion we could muster for dozens of years.

There simply must be somebody out there with a great idea that could cause a new revolution in Laser sailing.

Or maybe just bring one more new friend for some of us to meet and appreciate.

For that one person and those of us who happen to befriend him / her, that idea of yours is a life changing revolutionary idea. Don't hold back just because you think your idea is minor.
There simply ain't no such critter as a minor good idea.

Once again>> How would you use the newsletter in a manner different than it is currently being used and possibly never has been used?