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CONTEST!!!! Send the ILCA-NA your slogan for a new Laser bumper sticker by February 1st. Remember two Moms will be reviewing the submissions so keep it clean! Prize for the winning submission - a new C-Vane wind indicator. Send submissions to:
Previously suggested ideas via the email list circa September 1999. Many of these were submitted in fun, but these should get the thinking juices going again.

My Spouse spends more time on a laser than on me! - Paul Shields PShi914124@AOL.COM

Laser....Bury me with my Hiking boots on! - Paul Shields PShi914124@AOL.COM

Kiss My Transom - Kent Leverich

Laser - the Athlete's Yacht - BillBetts2@AOL.COM

Radial - The Future of Yacht Racing - BillBetts2@AOL.COM

Laser>> Performance Yachting (squared) - BillBetts2@AOL.COM

Life is for Living ...Sail a LASER -Tom Hart #15773 -TRHemail@AOL.COM


How's my (Laser) driving? Call 1-800-EAT-WAKE -Steve Orosz

No, my wife does not beat me...I just sail a laser - Mark M.

If you can read this, I've lost my Laser trailer - Blane Pedlow

Laser Sailing, There Is No Substitute! - Eric Nickeson

Laser - Sailing's Common Denominator - Bill Betts

Graduate to Laser - Bill Betts

World's Class for Racing - Bill Betts

Available without Prescription - Bill Betts

Reach the speed of light: sail a Laser - Steve Cottrell

The future is bright: sail a Laser - Steve Cottrell

How do you spell 'phenominal'? L A S E R - Steve Cottrell

Laser sailors do it with the sheets tight - Nick Hackett

Laser sailors know how to hang out, way out - Nick Hackett

Shut up and hike! - Nick Hackett

If you're not sailing on the edge, you're taking up too much room. - Nick Hackett

Did you kiss a Laser Sailer today? - Arthur Roggeband

Did you kiss your Laser today? - Arthur Roggeband

Laser, the ULTIMATE Racing machine! - Lindsay Migues

Laser, the ULTIMATE sailing machine! - Lindsay Migues

Laser Sailors Don't Fear Deathrolls - Bill Betts

Master Deathrolls - Sail A Laser - Bill Betts

The International Laser. Rig up, sheet in, smile. - Paul De La Feuillade

Laser your cares away. - Paul De La Feuillade

Get competitive. Sail a Laser. - Paul De La Feuillade

I (heart) my Laser - Paul De La Feuillade

Laser - A Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious - David Lapes

Laser - Crude, Cheap, Wet and Fun - David Lapes

Laser - Harder, Faster, Wetter - David Lapes

Laser Sailors Pump Harder - David Lapes

Laser: Refreshes the Parts Other Boats Don't Reach - David Lapes

Laser Sailors come in 3 sizes - David Lapes

I'd rather be Laser Sailing - Lizmurz84 (at) AOL.COM

kiss my hull plug - Evan White

A sailor and their's a beautiful thing - Baker Walnut, Inc

laser - traveling at the speed of light - Jeff Austin

Don't like my Laser? call 1-800-EAT-WAKE - Eric Versluys

Laser sailing... It'll make you wet! - Dann Daggett

Laser sailing... It'll make you wet your pants! - Dann Daggett

My other Car is a Laser! - Rob Beck

Shifts happen.....sail a Laser - Syddoc (at) AOL.COM

Laser - Good things come in small packages - PHHAST (at) AOL.COM

Laser - Little on boat, Big on fun - PHHAST (at) AOL.COM

Remember, your laser is unique...Just like everyone elses. - Jon Deutsch

Honk If you like Lasers - Jon Deutsch

I brake for Lasers - Jon Deutsch

Friends help you move. Real friends help you move your laser down to the
water. - Jon Deutsch

I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it sailing my laser. - Jon Deutsch

Work is for people who don't know how to sail a Laser - Jon Deutsch

Sail a Laser - Learn stupid rope tricks - John D-E

Laser Sailors do it around the world - John D-E

Laser Sailors do it by themselves - John D-E

Laser Sailors shall inherit the earth - John D-E

Laser Sailors have a four foot extension - John D-E

Laser Masters do it with experience - John D-E

Laser Masters make better luffers - John D-E

Sailing begins on a Laser -

Life began with the Laser - Rebecca

Lasers get you wet in place other boats can't reach - Lucasinks (at) AOL.COM

Laser - XS boat with XXL Fun!!! - PHHAST (at) AOL.COM

No one Laser is more equal than another! - Arthur B. Roggeband

Honk if you are a Laser Sailor - Arthur B. Roggeband

Laser: Hurts So Good! - Robert Hoffer

Laser: Wet, Easy, Fast and Cheap! - Robert Hoffer

I tack for tankers - saillaser(at)

Laser Sailors Love a Good Blow - Luke K.

Laser Same fun, every one. - JAMES RICHMOND

My honor student Sails A Laser - Rebecca

Sailing art form.... the Laser concept. - Mark Ehrenborg

Laser. It's Your Call - JAMES E RICHMOND

Think Global.... think Laser(with a small world and Laser) - Mark Ehrenborg

A Laser a lifetime ... that's all we ask - Baker Walnut, Inc

I must be a real laser sailor, my boat cost more than my car! - Derek Meyer

Laser all day keeps the doctor away - JAMES E RICHMOND