ILCA-NA Annual Elections

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I would like to remind everyone that October is the month in which we elect officers to the ILCA-NA Executive Committee! And, more importantly, that this process has already begun!

As I'm sure everyone knows, the Laser Class is, in principle, a layered system with members comprising Fleets which are organized into Districts which are in turn organized into Regions which, finally, make up the ILCA. So, the actual voters in this election for Regional Officers are the District Secretaries and not the general ILCA-NA membership. Still, the District Secretaries ultimately represent you, the class member, and, I'm sure, are more than happy to have your input on this process.

The ILCA-NA bylaws call for a three part process (the complete description can be found in Section 5.6 of the ILCA-NA bylaws which you can download from the class website here):

1) A week long nominating process whereby District Secretaries can nominate candidates. This week began yesterday (October 10).

2) This is followed by a week of "campaigning" where information on candidates will be posted to This will begin next monday (October 17).

3) The District Secretaries will then vote during the final week which will begin on monday, October 24.

If you know of anyone (including yourself) who you think would be a good representative for Laser Sailing then please contact your District Secretary and ask that they be nominated for one of the positions! Candidates can be nominated for any one of the five offices: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and At-Large. You can find the contact information for your District Secretary on the class website here

You can find the list of current class officers (and their contact information), who all plan to stand for re-election, here. Please feel free to contact any of them!

Tracy Usher