If you lose your tiller .....

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After my capsize on 29 July, I had my tiller in the boat while pulling/pushing/swimming it through mud and trees to the boat dock. I used it in order to pull in the mast forestay that was trailing behind the boat. I have not been able to find it since I got home.

To make another I used a .... posthole digger handle .....

They are 48 inches long and made of oak or possibly hickory and with a little sanding the square end fits the rudder just fine. If I remember correctly when I bought it years ago, they were about $8 each. Don't know what the Capri tiller costs but if this one runs away I can do it again.

Just thought I'd pass that on as I figure that others wouldn't mind being able to replace the tiller quickly and cheaply.


P.S. I think I'm going to put a large innertube or air mattress into the cuddy to help keep up the air/water ratio in the event of another little unplanned swim.