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Hermann would be so proud of Simon (Grotelueschen /GER, Sailing Team Germany / STG)*.
{* view Simon's actual photo in attachment, (Copyrights : "DAPD" and "F.A.Z./GER", 2011)}

Simon already got his ticket to the Olympic Games 2012 of London/Weymouth and on Sunday Advent 4th Simon fights for to be under the “Top 3” of the “2011 ISAF World’s”, at Perth/AUS!!!!

Hermann A. Cornelius, age 84 (a “GGM”!!), did die peaceful on 2011 December 11th, in Kiel/Germany.

In “my own words” - as one of the many GER recreational Laserites (start to sail Laser, recreational, at about 1976):

1st I got contact to Herman was in 1980. In my own opinion, as a fan of the early “Star War’s ” movies at those times (till now!!), Hermann was one of “The Good Side Of The Force” of the so called “Yedi Knight’s”.

In 1972 he successful already was “head manager” for the 1972 Kiel Olympic Sailing Games. At those times, at the SchilkseeHarbour (at the Sound of Kiel) he was introduced to a dinghy called “Laser” first. He was dedicated to grow up that at those times unspectacular small sailing dinghy to Germany. Together with his wife, Katrin, in the 70ties, he initiated in GER a before unknown demand on this dinghy (except the Optimist dinghy)!!

From 1972 to 2008, Hermann helped a numerous number of sailors (male and female) to get into the Laser at GER! 35 years he was head of the “GER Laserites” and many years he was active at the ILCA and other important international sailing committees, f.e. as advising officer. Therefore, in 2007, he got the ISAF Silver Medal, a “big order” for a sailing officer. Herman also was honoured to be one of the actual only three ILCA “honorary class member”’s** and “honorary class officer”’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, 2011 Dec 17th you would be most proud of “your GER boys and GERgirl at Perth 2011”, Herman (and Katrin, too)! 5 male members (Simon,Alexander, Robert, Tobias, Hannes) and 1 female member (Franziska) of the DLAS got their ticket to sail at Weymouth 2012 Olympic Games!! The last female Laserite of GER was at Olympic games in 2008 (Quingdao/China: Petra Niemann) and the last male GER Laserite of GER was at Olympic games in 1996 (Savannah/USA: Stefan Warkalla)!!!

In 2008 Herman gave his powerful force to Bernd Buchert (now Chairman of the DLAS), who now support those 6 GER hopefuls and with some luck successful fulfils Hermann’s and Katrin’s work!

Hermann you will always be in our minds and we will ever forget you! Sure neither do: Bruce (Kirby), Ian (Bruce), Hans (Fogh), and many more professional and recreational sailing Laserites, all over the globe!

In this days and hours, our thoughts are with you, your lovely wife Katrin and your family that you left behind!

LooserLu, TLF

DLAS Member (No. #1805)


About Herman and Katrin (in English words):

**: => http://www.laserinternational.org/contact/worldcouncil


We will miss Hermann. A very nice and gentle man who always had the welfare of the Laser Class in mind. I will remember him as a dear friend of the drLaser website, too. May he rest in peace.
Shevy Gunter
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