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Idea's for the new forum


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I have seen in some forums a seperate section in the index for classified adds roled into the forum itself. It makes a great place for people to exchange info and picts about the specific sale of boats and items listed in the class. adds.

Will this be coming to the forum..? :D


Yes, In the near future, as I see what is needed on the forum, I will add Catergories/Boards to make it fit the class. I thought about putting a Classified Ads Section in, and I think that I will.

Thanks for the tips. They are always welcome!


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Check out www.shoforum.com for some great tips :) . I think they do a pretty good job at setting up a fairly conservative and well run forum. Yes I have a 92 SHO.

Something that I think gives a friendly feel to the forum is the featured section. Start with yourself. Take a picture of your boat and talk about any modifications, if any, to your boat etc.....you see where I'm going. Its a great way to draw / introduce people to the forum without overwhelming them with technobabble. Sort of what you have on the landing page but more in depth. :D