ID by serial number help? And hello first post!

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Hello! First post! I've been sailing my kayak for a few years and I always see a local club out there in Lasers racing during the summer and it peaked my interest. The dues are too expensive but I like the boat. I found what seems to be a Vanguard model but I don't have any information on it. I was hoping someone here could help ID it? The owner got it as a trade so has no title or paperwork on it. It seems to have 2 masts and be a 2 person model. The only number on it is:

oqt vr843 l900

I found the guide on this website for the OQT being a Vanguard, but the rest of the numbers don't really match up. It says the next 5 digits are the sail number, but this has two letters, VR before 843, not just 1 letter? And then the ending bit also wierd... I'm guessing I is April, but 900 means 1990 for 1990 year model?

Thanks all! I have 2 pics I'll try to upload them in a few if they help. I haven't see it in person but he says its about as long as his kayak so ~12-13 foot?