i want to buy your sunfish

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Be patient and keep your eyes on this forum. This time of year marks peak interest for both sellers (because of the demand) and buyers (because it's time to sail)! While there may be some one or some group with three to sell, it's more likely that you'll have to do it in a piecemeal manner. Finally, it may be that you're looking for newer racing boats, older fix-er-uppers or somewhere in between. It would be helpful if you provided this information to potential sellers. Good luck!:D
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we are looking for sunfish in ready to sail shape. our price range would not include race ready boats. we arent afraid of fiberglass work and already have many extra parts on hand. we would be very intrested in any offer.
Did you ever find any sunfish? I am really just looking for a few parts and I was this thread was from Houston. I need rudders and daggerboards for two boats. I can build the rudders and boards if it comes to that, but would really like to find one rudder casting. The boats I have may be for sale, but my wife really wants to sail this summer.

looking to buy 3 sunfish, right now craigslist and sailing Texas don't have anything. please advise


I have a 2008 Sunfish that's been kept covered and used twice. It is in truly superb condition.

RW&B Sail, complete with seitech dolly with or without trailer hitch. (It is for SHORT SLOW towing only.)

I'm not all that close to Houston living in Navarre Florida. If you are interested make me an offer by phone at (850) 939-6717. Don
I built a daggerboard yesterday, it won't be class legal, but it will work. As for the rudder casting I found one at the boaters resale shop, and bought it just to have the aluminum one instead of the plastic.

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