I wanna buy a sailboat.

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Hey everyone. :) I'm sort of a sailing n00b looking to buy a cheap used sailboat. I used to sail my grandpa's Sunfish about five years ago, but since he died I havent been able to sail at all. I really miss it. I went sailing this weekend and now and I'm thinking about getting into it again, and I want to buy a sailboat. I really don't know much about buying a sailboat so I'm looking for some tips on where to look, and what to look for. There's a guy down the street who has an old sunfish that he wants 80-100 dollars for, but with the condition of the boat, I'm not sure it's worth it. It's been sitting since 74, it has all the rigging except the tiller, but I'd be suprised if any of it didn't need replaced. It has a hole in the bottom that needs patched, and I'm sure it needs to be re-sealed and all that stuff. The nice thing is that it comes with a trailer, and it's less than three miles from my house. I dont know if that is a good deal, but I dont know how to find a better one if it's not. What do you guys think? I appreciate the help!


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Shoot, for a hundred bucks, you'd get a lot of spare parts, and a trailer to boot. If the hull is beyond repair, but you get a daggerboard, spars, ratchet, trailer, and rudder, then it's a good deal. Your next find may be an excellent hull... and that's it.

Good luck to you.