I think I jumped it yesterday...

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Steady 20, gusting higher.

Losing balance. Falling backward. Push tiller QUICK!.
At 15 knots, it keeps me in the boat.

Tight chop to 3 feet.
Face of wave, fall off. Soar over the back of next wave. Weightless.

Waves hitting me. Over the bow.
Slide butt back a bit more.

That was a whole lotta fun...
I have come pretty close in big waves and over 25kt wind on a reach, with the right conditions it is possible, it would be awesome to get it on video
Is that real? if you look closely the bow isn't even in the water and i would assume that to flip the boat over forward the bow has to dig into the water???:confused::confused:
Yes it is real, I remember it being explained a picture of a 19yr old? Sailor at the Argentinian worlds I think....