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I sold my 14.2 today. =~[


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Well, it’s done and she’s headed to her new home in Sebastopol, Ca.

Considering all the time and money I’ve invested (DUMPED) in this boat, I took a MASSIVE financial hit on the sale, but I’m glad to see it go.

It was a great boat, but I just wasn’t using it, and it had the unpleasant habit of leaving me in pain every time I sailed it.

It’s been fun interacting with the other members on this board.

~ W


Cactus Cowboy

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Bummer that ya had to unload her... maybe that sailing kayak ya mentioned would be easier on the ol' back, given the seating arrangement. And I say that as an older hand with things falling apart as I speak, LOL. Good luck to ya in this Brave New Third World!!! Cheers!!! :cool:


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... maybe that sailing kayak ya mentioned would be easier on the ol' back, given the seating arrangement.
I thought about it. I did LOTS of research on the Hobie forum and YT, then I found a few and arranged to see them, but in the end I decided to take a break from sailing.
I love it, but it's a PITA having to drive 35 miles to get access to my boat, then have to rig, launch, sail, land, wash, de-rig, park it and drive 35 miles home. Ugh! It really "took the wind out of my sails" having to deal with that every time.

It also turns out that the Adventure Island doesn't sail upwind or downwind well at all, and requires a broad or beam reach to move across the water.
That might not be a big deal for someone sailing the ocean in FloriDuh ;) , but the creek where I sail is narrow and busy, so you run out of room very quickly between tacks.

It's terribly disappointing, but it's done and I'm taking a step back to better consider what I think I should do next, instead of jumping in with both feet, without enough forethought, like I did this time.

~ W


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Oh wow they have a long drive back! Your boat looks really nice. I wish I had started looking sooner. I just bought a 1987 14.2 from a guy in Sarasota.

Gray Young

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I know that has to be a bittersweet feeling Winston. You took real good care of that boat and the new owner is very lucky to have found it. I hope you stick around, I am confident that your next boat is out there and that you will find it eventually. Best of luck to you.