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Do you mean Intensity Sails? ...
No, "i-sails" is not Intensity Sails. "i-sails" comes from France (-> i-Sails: 3 rue du plat, 69002 Lyon, France) and sells to European Countries:

Also, there is another Sailmaker called "Insails".
F.e.: At GER, Insails sell at ebay.de via "insails" ebay-shop from Plymouth/UK : http://stores.ebay.de/INSAILS

The hearsay I know about from GER is, that sails of "Insails" are "~"/"like" the replika sails from "roostersailing" for the Laser. I never have seen replika sails of "Insails" or Roostersailing or "i-sails", sorry.

With beginning of December 2008 (Yesterday) the import free limmits rised up (from 22 Euro to 150 Euro).
If Insensity Sails would sell their sails for lower than exact 150 Euro ( in the moment: 150 Euro ~188 US$), then they (Intensity Sails) are cheaper than "i-sails" or "Insails", if one include the total shipping costs :)


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Nope, but I can think of 3 reasons right off the bat why NOT to buy theirs.

1)- The Intensity brand is less expensive, (I'm pretty sure).
2)- Intensity inlcudes numbers with their sail package and a sail sleeve type bag.
3)- Intensity is actually a sponsor and supporter of The Laser Forum.

Other than that they sound about the same.
I have purchase both the Intensity and Rooster sails. Both are fine, though perhaps I would just give the Rooster as a slight advantage over the Intensity for finsh and quality but in the end if price was your main consideration then go for the Intensity because it really is hard to pick the difference. By the way the i-sail looks a lot like the Rooster, having the same sail bag and battens. The Insail has a roll bag but the rest looks like the Rooster offering.

For any Australian sailors interested, when the Australian dollar was stronger I purchase the Intensity so that landed it cost less than Aus$250. The Rooster I got locally from Rooster Sailing Australia for Aus$350.
Two of the guys at my club have recently purchased products from Insails (one a radial, one a full sail) - they've both been really pleased with them. Both sailors don't get involved in anything other than a bit of club racing so the fact that they're not genuine products is not an issue for them. Both have said that compared to the their very 'tired' original sails, the new sail is a definite improvement despite being less than half the price of the genuine article,

Just for clarification purposes. Our sails are on special right now for $179.99 for full rig size with free shipping in the US and include a clew strap, sail tube, sail bag, self adhesive digital 8 numbers (4 red, 8 black), tell tales & battens.

I think you will find this to add up to the better value also taking into account that we have made over 1000 of these and have achieved the necessary consistency.
One of the guys in our fleet uses them and beats me almost every time(he owns the company). I wll be using one in the spring as my laser sail is very tired. I know at least 3 others in the fleet will be using them too.
I think they are on sale for $144 right now

Barometer Soup
My club has just ordered 14 suits of sails for 420's and 4 4.7 sails from intensity. In my opinion there is no difference aside from price! If its a practice sail then it is meant to beat to death!
When I bought my Laser it came with a tired old Laser sail (with the wrong number!), guessing the sail was 25 yr old. Replaced it with a sail from InSails, wow! It was sharp, it was crisp, it was powerful!

After a season in the West of Scotland it is still fairly crisp and draws well; it makes a very nice shape whether beating or running.

yea but you cant legally race in real competition without the proper laser sails made by the company that is why they call them PRACTICE SAILS on the website :D