i need some used sails

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I've got a Capri 14.2, mod 2 sitting in my garage right now. The main is torn, and I can't find the jib. Does anyone have a used set of sails, or just a jib, they would like to sell so I can get this thing in the water? I'm not lookng to race it, so I don't need new sails, but some white, used sails in decent shape would be perfect. Old racing sails maybe? I'm from Chicago, but I'd pay to have them shipped from anywhere. Thanks!
Quantum Capri 14.2 jib

I have a Quantum jib for sale. It was last used during the Nationals at Mission Bay Yacht Club. It has been used about 15 days and never in extreme conditons. It has always been rolled and is in excellent condition. It does have a small stain near the the clew from an unknown source. I can e-mail a picture if desired. I will not accept less that $120 for the sail. I can be reached by e-mail or cell 619-997-8354.

Dave Leuck, San Diego