I need a Laser ----South Florida area

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By now, you all probably know I am looking to purchase my first Laser, so I can move up the ranks of the Master class next year (LOL).........

I want to buy a used one initially, and if I can improve significantly, I would buy a new one from a distributor later on in 2006....

My price range would be around $4,000 for a boat, trailer and dolly ( and, obviously a decent sail and all the required racing gear.....)

I have found an excellent storage facility at the U.S. Olympic Sailing Center in Coconut Grove, which has offered me free, unlimited launching with no membership dues!!

If any of you know of someone willing to do this deal ( or even cheaper for the right boat), Please post it here.....

Thanks all

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Yes, thanks....I went there once before (when I was first enthused about getting a Laser--that would be back in Sept.) I went there to ask directions to the Coconut Grove Sailing Club...Upon leaving the U.S.Sailing Center I thought to myself "What a beautiful spot..I bet only the elite of sailors stored their boats there"...I suppose you can guess the suprise I had when I could store my Laser there so cheap..AND no dues..AND free launching....Really nice spot...

I have a 2003 laser in Mobile, AL and i am willing to deliver the boat down to Florida. It has been used probably less than 20times, bought the boat brand new. Comes with seitech dolly, and a magic tilt trailer. The boat has all the highest performance parts, ready to race. Will include carbon fiber tiller and extension. Boat is as new as it can get. Willing to let it go at $4,500. Please contact me back at ttan@edisto.cofc.edu if you are interested. I have tons of pictures if you want to see them.

If You are still looking for a boat go to Gulfstreamsailboats.com because they have used 2006 singele event charter full rig lasers with warranty, upgrades , dolly and a brand new sail never used for 4350 which is a heck of a good deal.
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Thanks..I went to their website and, to my suprise, I had visited them in November and had a tour of their facility by the owner!... He told me about those 'one series' boats...it is a good price almost $600 off the never used ones.

I think I'll call him tomorro and get one, If I can find a trailer.....WAIT!! I need to install a ball there first.......
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