I have an idea!

Sailboats benefit from a slightly rough hull turbulating the layrer of water contacting the hull.

Wax prevents that turbulation.

Actually leaving the hull "scuff sanded" to slightly dull with fine paper (appx 280 grit) helps.

For just going out and having fun... no big deal. We're talking 1/10ths or 1/100'ths of mph difference. It can win or lose a race.


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I cringe when I see a sail wrapped around the spars like in picture 5. And your sail isn't happy either at 65 mph, pointing towards Minnesota...


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For a long trip, the best way is to take the sail off the spars. Takes 15 min at most. Alternatively,
2. Put the spars + sail in a tube (a tube can get expensive) and tie the tube to the roof/rack


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Actually leaving the hull "scuff sanded" to slightly dull with fine paper (appx 280 grit) helps.
When I bought my first catamaran, I took it to Key Biscayne event (Miami), and found other Hobies on the beach using fine sand paper on their hull bottoms. That was in 1972!
Can be a little annoying sliding the rings on and off the spars...

So a thin wall PVC tube with endcaps so the wind can't get at the sail. Glue one endcap on with PVC cement. The other gets a "pin" all the way through and a cotter pin or lockwire to keep it from sliding out.
Stuff about 2 inches of foam in the permanently capped end and stuff foam in to keep the booms from sliding back and forth as you accelerate/decelerate (which would act like a hammer beating on the caps.


you don't sandpaper the hull every use... just once. It wouldn't take a lot of times to go through the gel coat.
I would like suggestions for a better way to travel?
1. instead of wrapping the sails around the spars, roll the sail up by itself to the spars. then use a chain sinnet knot with both your halyard line and mainsheet to wrap around the sail and spar combination.
see here: storing Sunfish sails with a chain sinnet knot
and here: Untitled Document

2. instead of a PVC tube, you can also consider a spar bag. you will just replace it more frequently as it wears out.
Sunfish ® Spar Bag or several other Sunfish suppliers will have their version.



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Now remove the caps on the front to reduce wind resistance. :D
OK, forget that idea (again). :oops:

Maybe it's my hearing that is going, but I googled ways to increase the volume on cellphones.

Cut a slot for your cellphone in a 2" PVC pipe and drop the phone into it, the volume will become much greater. (It's best that two ends should be exposed, as this example shows).

Something as modest as a #10 tin can will also increase the volume, but since you carry even larger pipes on top of your vehicle, you can "stream" your cellphone outside your car. Never miss a "ring" again. :)



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I had considered making one longer and doing that but I didn't want to mess with the Goose Neck or cut a slot to accommodate it.
If you get two more 4-foot PVC tubes, they can be slip-fitted fore and aft to accommodate the wrapped sails. You'd still have to cut a slot for the gooseneck, but the gooseneck could be fitted to face downwards—away from weather—and secured at the rearmost (new) pipe section. Or don't cut a slot, and slip a heavy canvas bag over the gooseneck end at the front end, then slip the new rear PVC section onto the rear section.

I'm still tripping over this heavy canvas bag I got at a yard sale:

Or buy one for $15 at eBay:

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I like the idea of the slotted tube if I was to do that just to make the whole thing easer to stow away. But to help "WaveDancer" to be able to sleep at night. I don't have the sail raped around the spars, I do have it folded and laying next to them. And I wrapped them with rope similar to the knot suggestion. Then I raped a cheap plastic tarp around the whole thing and wrapped rope around that to come up with what you see.
very clever, I have been trying to think of a way to load mine on my Astro van it's much higher. wooden sailfish about 140 lbs. How much does yours weigh? I will experiment with it. good work very clever , thanks for showing your idea

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Looks great George. I would suggest a cushion/life jacket or something under the gudgeon while it rests on the ground, it can bend and then the rudder won't fit until it gets unbent....ask me how I know.... :)