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I Don't Like Spam!


Just sailing

It's one thing when we get the occasional well-meaning person looking for information on an actual laser (the non-sailing kind). However, the spambots really seem to be going full-tilt. As of late, it seems like two custom-kitchen spambots are using this forum to conduct a war against each other.

Could some more questions be added to the process of creating a new user? It may help filter out some of the crap.


Staff member
I am working on installing a new registration procedure. The spam has gotten out of control in the last week or 2. I have been deleting post every few hours. I will keep you updated on the new registration process.


Just sailing
I was reading something about Facebook the other day.

For one reason or another, usually not ethical, you may desire to have a large number of likes to your Facebook page. The going rate for 1,000 likes is $70. What that consists of is slave labor in Bangladesh getting paid $1 to click "like" on a particular page 1,000 times.

I suspect something similar is going on with the custom kitchen business.