I am a new "newbie" looking for advice!

Hello to everyone! ;)
It has been around 20 years since I was onboard a small sailboat - a Sunfish. I have started looking for one here where I live (Nashville TN). I want to be able to take my wife out on the local lake. I want a boat that we can enjoy for a couple of years. Although there are Laser races on the lake we live near, I don't know if I would ever compete..... A Laser almost seems overwhelming to me based on what I have read, but I do not hesitate to confront challenges, and the thought of a boat that would "challenge" my ability to learn does not distract me. Ideally, I would appreciate some experienced people’s opinions. Thanks!

Hi, I've been sailing over 50 years and I would start by reading up a bit and get as much info as you can. This will really help when you get on the water. There is a great App the SailingApp that has many reference topics and great on the water tools that are very accessible when on a boat! www.sailingapp.com
Dear Zrtsixx, Now you should find some other folks with Sunfish so that you can compare notes and do some side-by-side sailing to learn a few tricks. Harbor Island is a good club although doesn't have - as I recall - Sunfish. They're mostly a Laser crowd. Our Club - Muscle Shoals Sailing Club - does have a racing Sunfish (aka me). The beauty of the Sunfish is that it's easy to sail once you get the basics down. Although you can fool with outhaul and cunningham controls, just set the rig for average conditions and use the tiller and sheet...until such time that you appreciate the nuance of the finer controls. Join the US Sunfish Association, get a copy of the Sunfish Bible and come down to the Shoals to visit sometime. You can camp at the club or at a nearby motel. AQBill
Lasers are a great single person boat and can be sailed for fun or for racing..

I'd look for something like a small Hunter (146, 150), Catalina 14.2, or a Lido.. all are affordable boats and a bit larger.