I am a new "newbie" looking for advice!

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Hello to everyone! ;)
It has been around 20 years since I was onboard a small sailboat - a Sunfish. I have started looking for one here where I live (Nashville TN). I want to be able to take my wife out on the local lake. I want a boat that we can enjoy for a couple of years. Although there are Laser races on the lake we live near, I don't know if I would ever compete..... A Laser almost seems overwhelming to me based on what I have read, but I do not hesitate to confront challenges, and the thought of a boat that would "challenge" my ability to learn does not distract me. Ideally, I would appreciate some experienced people’s opinions. Thanks!
i think you should go with cfj or a c420..they are both great boats! great for two people. the cfj is nice and fast..just like the 420..but if you are just looking for something slow and a bit easier.. i would go with a precision 15...or a capri 16.5. both very fun to sail..and very forgiving
I fell in love with the Cataina 14.2 at my community boathouse. It's roomy and sleek, fairly hard to capsize unless you're really trying. It's laughably easy to rig and very easy to correct...much more than the mercury and Rohdes they have. You do have to watch out because the boom will snap back and forth much faster than a sunfish if you make a mistake. It's fast, but gives the impression of speed to the sailors more than actual speed so it's good fun half-day sailer.


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I know you are looking into Sunfish and Lasers. I just bought a Hobie Holder about 6 months ago. It's been a pretty great little boat. Easy to trailer, easy to set up and easy to sail. If you're looking for a boat that is fairly low maintenance, this is a good one. Only thing is that there aren't too many of these around still. You have to hunt, but it's worth it if you find one in good shape. Something to think about.

The laser is a simple complex boat, you can sail two people on a laser depending on your size, I've done it many times while teaching,

its a great boat, you might also consider getting two lasers if you both enjoy it,

there are some cool two person boats that you can fly the chute on, they can be on the expensive side though
I love my Snark Sunflower. Ok, it only has a 55 sq ft sail but with it weighing only 55 lbs I can put it on my Jeep roof rack and easily beach launch it by myself. I like solo sailing and didn't want the hassle of a trailer and storage. I sailed this little boat 30 times last year on Vancouver Lake in Washington state and have had a great time. Very relaxing in 3-5 knot wind, exhilarating when the wind is 10-15 knots. I took my wife out in it a few times and she loved it. A good boat to putter around in a lake. I can check the local wind and have the boat loaded on the rack, at the lake, unloaded and sailing in 30 minutes. I'm sailing this winter in 40 degree weather in partial wet suit. I haven't flipped over yet, I am a cautious sailor.