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February 9, 2005, Hydroptère a trimaran with 21 ft foils, skippered by Alain Thébault, crossed the English Channel [Calais - Dover] in 34 minutes, 24 seconds at an average speed of 33 knots (there was a burst at 43 knots), beating the time of the crossing by the aviator Louis Blériot, who, in 1909, flew over the Channel in 37 minutes (winning a 1,000 UK Pounds prize from the Daily Mail, as the first person ever to fly the Channel). To be fair to Monsieur Blériot's time of 37 minutes, he did get slightly lost, finally finding the Port of Dover it was said by following some ships which were steaming for that port! Then in addition, the power to weight ratio of his plane was such, that he was unable to climb higher than 200ft (and the White Cliffs rise to 300ft), and he had to find a grassy hollow called Northf'all Meadow, a gap in the escarpment less than 100 feet above the water, where a fellow Frenchman stood waving a large French flag. Hydroptère in turn at their finish line below the White Cliffs of Dover, had to overcome the chaotic backwash from the waves rebounding off the cliff face.