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Hurricane Sally Report

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Had to dig through my files for this shot, but check out this creative use for empty kegs, LOL. :eek:

IMG_0542.JPG IMG_0561.JPG
IMG_0543.JPG IMG_0563.JPG
IMG_0568.JPG IMG_0570.JPG

Those keg urinals are in Big-Nose Kate's Saloon in historic Tombstone... and I think they have your burn barrel beat, LOL. Just kidding, the burn barrel is cool, but man, I sure would like to have one of those keg urinals in my home, so the boyz playing pool can dump some o' that beer, LOL. The machine work is NICE, too!!! Quality work, I bet those keg urinals weren't cheap, 10-4? ;)

I threw in some shots of the decor in Big-Nose Kate's Saloon, it's my favorite place for cutting the trail dust with a cold beer... so much history in there too, the walls are just covered with old photos & autographed posters & whatnot. Great place, I highly recommend it to all visitors, and a stroll down historic Allen Street is like being back in an old Western, LOL. No smog machines allowed, just stagecoaches & pedestrian traffic... makes it nice! :cool:

P.S. Check out that biker group, looks like two of those rednecks are about to cap the hand in the red bandanna, LOL. Damn, I love Arizona!!! :rolleyes:
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, the surf became huge at Officer's Beach on NASNI, so big that surfers flew in from around the world to ride these waves, which were perfect due to the swell direction. A bunch of photos from that event made it into the surf mags, and I believe Mikey J. also had a shot or two during that time. Huge perfectly-peeling barrels just beautiful to see, whether you were there or just looking at a magazine. Somehow, I'll never forget those two years, but the storm in '78 caused more damage, or so it seems in retrospect. I mean, how big does a wave have to be to tear a huge fishing pier apart? :D

Anyway, SC, it's good to hear you're making progress with the cleanup and rebuilding... is that crew going to rebuild the dock with wood or concrete pilings? I can't remember if you already mentioned this. Mother Nature sure can do a number on man-made structures... gotta build something like the pyramids if you want it to last, just solid stone that'll take awhile to wear down, LOL. And even those won't last forever, but they'll last longer than an unanchored double-wide in a tornado, I reckon. Funny how tourists used to express fear of earthquakes in California, only to casually mention that they lived in 'Tornado Alley'---the main reason why I wouldn't want to live there, those tornadoes make me nervous, LOL. Lightning & tornadoes... always been leery around 'em. :confused:
It is said that sailing and surfing share the common bonds of sun, water, wind, and balance.

Because of the rains, I was watching the below video, where a surfer says, "I was really going fast, and the board was humming..."

This...made me reflect on how our daggerboards will do the same. :)

Another "tack" taken in this video is the protection afforded Jet-Skis (who tow surfers to the best waves) to being overtaken by really big waves.

Well...it happens here, that Jet-Skis ain't so grand. ;)

Having been slammed to the bottom while caught by a big wave, I, myself, can appreciate the minutes a wave can hold you under!
Now, the video follows--which is very hard not to watch!


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Always liked that 'BIG WEDNESDAY' flick, I think John Milius directed it? Great movie, with some funny lines too, like Jan-Michael Vincent telling that older gal and maternal figure, "I NEVER P!SSED IN YOUR STEAM IRON." :eek:

That video looks good, I started to watch it and then realized it's fairly long, so I'm gonna watch it this afternoon, once I get through showering & making a store run... slow day here on trash day, I've been on the computer all morning and part of the afternoon, but that's okay, pretty soon I'll be working (I hope) and I won't have time to mess around on the computer. Y'all will catch a break, LOL. ;)

CHEERS!!! :cool:

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We managed to get one of our boats out onto the bay, glad to be back on the water, slowly unstacking boats and getting them back out to sea. The wooden boats fared better than the fiberglass boats, mainly because of where they were located in the Sunfish Shack or stored inside. The first boat we got back out was the canoe, and a few days ago we got the Penobscot 14 out. But first Skipper had to dredge the centerboard trunk clean of storm debris that got packed in there.

There's my little Muck Queen...

IMG_1033 2.jpeg

I planned to row but Skipper had other plans...


Nice day, 75F with winds 8-9 mph.


I think we are finished with quay restoration! Lumber, border stone, paver base, rock, sand, soil and sod, it's been a treat. Pilings are supposed to come in a few days, and then pier planking can continue.

IMG_1075 2.jpeg


Next up, we might figure out what size section of WAVE's bow need to be replaced or rebuilt. which will start with the removal of crushed fiberglass. We plan to reuse a bow piece, and from there we can determine what size graft pieces we need. She also needs some foam block.

As Hurricane Season winds down we can move some boats back into the Sunfish Shack, doing repairs as needed. MADISON needs a small chine repair, but good news, ZIP and WINNIE are ready to go, as soon as I unstack the boats leaning against them :) ...should thought that one out...


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Extra points if you know what the loop was used for.



Skipper's Dad, Capn Jack, worked at a chemical plant. We are not sure what kind of glue he brought home to glue the stainless steel plate onto the deck, but it held and ripped the bow off during the storm. We plan to reattach this section. And we found some pink duct tape, so that repair is finished!



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Pretty good-sized pier project... I like the festive lights!!! :rolleyes:

At least you're getting back to normal, or "the new normal." ;)

The Sunfish Shack looks good too!!! Cheers!!! :cool:

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Breezebender, We have foam from a donor boat...I think, assuming it's inside. Might need trim. Thank you for kind offer.

Fiddled with some bits today, interesting story about the bow handle. When Skipper's Dad Capn Jack got WAVE from Aunt Pat in 1994, he did some repairs, paint and got a new sail rig. One of the repairs was to the bow handle area, you can see where the old handle ripped off. I guess Capn Jack said "That aint gonna happen again" so he had his colleagues at the chemical plant where he worked make him a stainless steel plate that he glued to the bow with some super duper chem plant adhesive. Then he attached a new bow handle with stainless wood screws. His repair is what we call in the boat building business "Hell for stout." So stout that the bow handle ripped the forward section of deck off during the storm surge. As tribute to his resourcefulness we will reattach that bow section.


Removed some excess 2 part foam from when we reattached a block in the Spring. That block stayed attached and the port side bow block came loose. Center bow block is MIA, as is the hull section. We have a lot of the deck, lots of small bits, and might reuse some of those decoupage style, gooped on with THIXO, fair, prime, sand, prime, paint. Lots of small trim bits, not sure yet if we'll try to straighten those or punt and source some longer pieces.


Removed a piece of port side trim that was a poke hazard, broke the drill bit like I usually do by being impatient.


In other Marine Construction news, we planked the pier out to 200', 7 inches. Find the cone.


Lumber shortage here in certain sizes, needed 2x6x10, but all they had locally was 2x6x14. We learned of a method from a local dock builder where instead of butting the stringers/joists together over the crossmembers, he overlaps and sisters them to each other. We tried it and wow, those sections are very stable. They are screwed to the pilings, each other and also toenailed to the crossmembers. 50 more feet of planking and we can rebuild the deck at the end, that's where I like to watch Skipper do donuts in the boats. And where she hangs her hammock.


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Ice in the birdbath again... fifth time already, and we're slated for several subfreezing nights ahead. I'm thinking we're in for a cold winter, and it's not even winter yet... last winter, I didn't see ice in the birdbath till late December or January. Good thing you're getting that work done before the snow hits Florida, LOL. And yes, I remember when snow & ice DID hit Florida, though it was a few years ago... global warming!!! LOL. :confused:

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....of course...


Lower dock on the right is called the Dolphin Dock, it was there when we bought the place. We added the L shaped lower dock to use with our small boats, it is normally out of the water but can go under from time to time with High High tide in the Summer. The strap lift normally holds our 1971 O'Day Day Sailer II CYANE.


Target area for the next work day, this section will be decked over, fortunately the 2x10 joists survived.


Not that I'm counting....


That plug oughta work, right?


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Hey, who ordered those clouds? :confused:

LOL... at least you're on the water!!! Nice dock for chillaxing!!! ;)

Whoa, those look like the same chairs I have... I bought the XL or extra-wide Coleman camp chairs for comfort, they work great on my view deck!!! :cool:

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Nice... puts me in a festive holiday mood, just seeing that pic, LOL. And I'm ALREADY happy about seeing family members today for the first time in four years!!! Four years & counting, actually, dunno where the time went... meh, I'm just gonna enjoy their visit, I'm really looking forward to it!!! Cheers!!! :D

Hey, SC, Breeze Bender is right, you need another hammock out there on the dock, LOL. :)

I'm busting out my Pawleys Island hammock for the family visit, they can take turns swingin' in it, LOL... maybe even do some stargazing later if it's not too cold, there was ice in the birdbath again this morning, that makes seven days so far (not consecutive) with ice in the goldurned birdbath!!! :cool:

Hmm, just checked my calendar, and the moon won't be quite full this evening, but it'll be close!!! And even with a nearly-full moon, there will still be bright stars in the sky over Benson... rural Arizona, baby!!! WOOHOO!!! So many stars out here, it's crazy... some burn brighter in the sky than LEDs!!! :rolleyes:

Y'all be good, I'm off to get cleaned up and eventually make a store run... WallyWord for the alcohol, Safeway for the steaks, don'tcha know? That WallyWorld beef is kinda funky, probably processed out of dead inmates in the nearest jailhouse kitchens, LOL. :eek:

We'll stick with the actual cow meat, 10-4? No "Soylent Green Steaks" for THIS kid or his family, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If we go with that WallyWorld beef, Charlton Heston might show up for dinner, waving a lever-action rifle and stumping for the NRA, LOL. Damn, I hate it when that happens... ;)

Edit: Gotta toss in a shot of my primo Pawleys Island hammock, best hammock I've ever owned... 'Beach Stripes' model, looks like a big ol' beach towel. :D

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Check it out, I was talking to one of my nice elderly gal neighbors, telling her how my family was coming to visit, and thinking aloud about maybe having a campfire in the yard, ya know? Well, turns out she has this primo firepit and she's letting me borrow it for a night or two, LOL. When I was in Show Low, I built (or dug) a sweet fire pit in my yard, surrounded by large rounded river rocks, but I've been meaning to buy one of these firepits for use here in Benson... it became a low priority after the job loss. Sure was nice of the gal to loan me this, I was just gonna put a ring of rocks around a hole in the ground, but this firepit has a screen, it has a table or ledge surrounding the pit, the whole nine yards!!! STYLIN'!!! :cool:

I just told my family about the temporary score, and I also took orders for BBQ... guess we're cooking both steak & chicken, LOL, and my brother wants JD (Jack Daniels Black Label) instead of tequila on top of our beers, but otherwise I'm set to make my store run. Gotta scrounge firewood first, I don't wanna buy it if I can scrounge some for free, LOL. Here's the pit, and a few bonus pics of the kittehs!!! All four including Fathead, who seems to have adopted us but still goes elsewhere to sleep... he'll come in, eat, and nap for hours during the day, but he always takes off, though I've invited him to stay overnight, LOL. Meh, maybe he has better digs... no pool table though, I reckon. ;)


I was washing the top quilt when these cat pics were taken, sometimes with four cats it gets a little dusty or whatever. Ain't little Phoenix cute on that quilt my sister made for me? She's a sweet little cat, I like the white booties, nose, chest, etc. Alright, heroes, I'm off to scrounge wood and bag more beer, booze, steaks, yardbird, etc., gonna have a PAR-TAY tonight under the stars, LOL. Well, we'll probably eat inside so the food stays warm, but otherwise we're hanging by the fire (or shooting pool). Gonna be fun, I know that much... HASTA LUEGO, HEROES!!! :rolleyes:

Hey, Wavedancer, I like the anchor line on SC's chair, keeps it from blowing off the dock, I suppose... adds a nice touch, LOL. :D
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No charge for the chair but some sanding on damaged WAVE and PHOENIX might be required...

And yes, we get some wind on the dock, so dock things get a lanyard. We went through a comedy of errors trying to keep an umbrella out there, finally built a tin roof cover. Gets wicked hot out there in the Summer.


Wind blows the water out sometimes...

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 7.41.04 PM.png



Skipper and her Dad, he started all the small boat madness...

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Lanyard... THAT is the word I was looking for in my last post, had to use some alternate sailing & climbing terminology, LOL. ;)

Nice pics, I like the hammock shot!!! The waterfront homes look sweet too, definitely not some downmarket ghetto, aye? :rolleyes:

Can't really call it a "compass rose"---maybe a "compass star" with points of the compass on the dock, that's a nice touch. :D

I'll bet that tin roof gets hot down there in the summer... you could probably use it to grill some food, LOL. :confused:

P.S. I don't suppose the ebb tide had ANYTHING to do with that wind-blown water... and Skipper's Dad is cool, it takes a REAL man to wear black socks like that and not give a damn what anybody thinks, LOL. :cool:
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Out of idle curiosity (and before I head back to the ol' rack), I looked up "compass star" on my computer, and some websites referred to it as a "nautical star"---meh, I guess either one will work. I'm back to sleep, just woke to turn on the heater for a bit because we've had a run of subfreezing weather, very chilly at night due to the elevation... :confused:

I'm tempted to make some hot cereal, but it can wait till later this morning, LOL. ;)


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1) Chair-saver terms:


2) Effort to save WAVE and PHOENIX:

"Operation Sally Forth"


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We like compass rose.

The roof may get hot but it is high enough overhead that we don't notice. It makes great shade, especially when the Blue Angels practice nearby.

Blue Angles Dock Flag.jpg

We thought the Blues might be using our pier as a vissual checkpoint so we helped them out.

Dock Roof Orange White Visibility Tower.jpg

L&VW I like painter, Capn Jack used that term all the time. In the Marine Corps we called them dummy cords, tied line to important things like gas masks and survival vest items so we didn't loose them. Note the painter on all of the chairs in the photo with the Capn and the Skipper...the wind can still blow the chairs off of the dock but then all I have to do is reel them in.

Skipper approves, OPERATION SALLY FORTH is the way. Might get brave enough to trim away rough edges of fiberglass today and make patterns from new edge to use as cut lines on replacement parts.

For those eyeballing the boat in the background, that is a 1974 Drascombe Lugger that we restored a few years back, we named her ROAMER. She was in the water for a Float Test, we were monitoring her to see if she sank at the dock. She didn't. Skipper paddled her over from the neighbor's dock with a SUP paddle.

Audrey SUP ROAMER.jpg

Her photo ended up in SAIL Magazine in an article about great small boats to buy.

Sail magazine Roamer.jpg

We took ROAMER out for Sea Trials and I said "Let's go back to the dock, you drop me off and I can take some photos." Skipper said "Or you can get out here." So over the side I went. One of my favorite selfies.

Kent ROAMER.jpg

The Skipper used me as a buoy.

Log of ROAMER.

Cactus Cowboy

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Hey, I know "dummy cord!!!" From the Aaaaaarrrghmy, LOL... ;)

Awesome pics as usual, I used to watch the Blue Angels land at NASNI... from my Laser close inshore. Always liked the F-18s, dunno if they went to the Raptors yet? Or are they sticking with the F-18s? Last I heard (several years ago), engineers were working out glitches in the Raptor. :confused:

Meh, nice shot anyway, and great job on the dock paint! Signal Charlie at his finest, LOL... and doing a fantastic job!!! :rolleyes:

That lugger is sweet, she'd make a fine daysailing adventurer... must be worth a little money too, but if I were you I'd never sell her, better to have the nautical cred and bragging rights, LOL. :)

Going back to the Blue Angels, I still remember spending something like 14 hours on the flight line at one Miramar Air Show... from early morning clear past the end of the night show. Arrived early & left late to dodge traffic hassles... the MiramarAir Show was excellent in those days!!! :cool:

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Cactus, Skipper has had a 1980 Lugger in her family since new, named ONKAHYE. She has primo space in the garage. Skipper would sell everything she owned, including spouse and children, before she parted with ONKAHYE.

Audrey and Onkahye Cessna Landing.jpg


The Blues are transitioning to the Super Hornet this Winter.

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Haha, I get that feeling, I feel the same way toward my cats, LOL... ;)

Thanks for the "heads up" on the Blue Angels, I used to attend air shows all the time, including Miramar & El Centro, but I've been tucked away in the sticks for awhile, and LOVIN' it, LOL... :rolleyes:

Here, I'm more likely to see crop dusters, old biplanes, medical choppers & the A-10 Thunderbolts (now called Warthogs). Once in awhile, not very often, I catch a glimpse of some faraway commercial jetliner, but this area is NOT heavily overflown like San Diego. :confused:

Dunno how I missed saying that I also watched the Blue Angels take off from NASNI, same deal watching from my Laser... those take-offs were impressive too, those jet jockeys would hit the afterburners and climb practically straight up at times. :eek:

One time, two Angels took off together, remained low and pulled this sweeping port turn over the channel---wind was from a different angle than the prevailing westerlies so they used a different strip---and they flew maybe 100' overhead (if even that high), LOUD as f#%, but it was an awesome sight!!! :)

Sometimes I miss moments like those, but I had a LIFETIME of them, so it's not like I missed out, LOL... y'all are living the nautical dream down there in Florida, I think you once said you were near Pensacola? Always liked the Florida Panhandle, it's a nice area when the weather's not so freakin' hot & humid. :D

Well, I'd better go wash my car, I have an interview tomorrow for a big highway project, might be a good way to turn things around on a personal financial level, otherwise I'm still living 'The Life of Riley' here in scenic southeastern Arizona, LOL. :cool: