Humming daggerboard


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I have the original 69 wood board that has been epoxied, faired, gelcoated as needed. Its a pretty tight fit in the slot. Yesterday I put two vertical Velcro soft sided strips on each side...for and aft. Board still slide in ok but was a little tighter. Still hummed like a bad boy.
Well...gonna fair it out more hydrodynamically when there's time as a last resort before a new glass one. Oh's only $$$ on this free fish. :-/


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Thats the shape. Will leave what's in trunk alone when fully down. At worst case will become a barn door rudder when I get the glass board


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As mentioned in other threads, the boat is singing to you because it's happy going fast.
Or, as member sailflow mentioned, the board may be warped.

Mine certainly is, and a bad varnish brush job has made the vibrating even more apparent.

(But the nice speed turns me happy again). :)


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Mine used to hum, and I was fine with it. But then it started just humming "it's a small world after all" from Disney World. That was driving me nuts so then I fixed it to stop humming.
Don't run a sharp trailing edge. Take a sanding block and sand the trailing edge 1/8" thick with a 20 degree taper by sanding that side more. It will not hum after that. so the back will be I/ as opposed to V