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Humm - Melges 14


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As interesting as these boats look, I just can't see myself buying a new class of boat unless I live somewhere that had an active fleet. Having sailed one for so long I quite partial to my Laser, flaws and all. Assuming this legal mess gets resolved, maybe all the new competition will put some price pressure on Lasers, parts, sails, etc. Maybe it will help settle the legal mess.


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The Melges is likely to only be available in the US (like the Farr dinghies only seem prevalent in Aus/NZ).

This is probably partially in response to the RS Aero which will be imported by West Coast sailing (who have an extensive network of outlets in the US/Canada I believe).

There is definitely a gap in the market given the current turmoil in the Laser class. the biggest hurdle these new boats face is getting traction in the market.

Both the D Zero and RS Aero are selling well here in the UK and I know RS have shipped some boats to the US and Aus as demo boats. The problem RS have is a very long waiting list to get a boat (May 2015 was the last delivery I heard if you order now).

I would question where the traveller is placed on the melges though, I would like want to be sat there or behind it on a windy reach....


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I think they will get an audience if the legal mess isn't worked out. Laser has an extremely strong national class, but if these guys can gain a little market share, look for a fracture that could be very bad for the world of Laser. Especially, if parts and boats are plentiful.


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Three new boats, but only two with dealerships in the US (too bad, the D-zero IMHO looks the best to fit the "laser replacement" market - but with no dealership its a long shot). My guess is the Melges probably best for somewhat heavier sailors (given the smaller rig will be penalized by the 12o lbs compared to 80 for a D-zero and less for a Aero). Melges seems to have a higher aspect ratio rig with full-length battens, but perhaps more wetted surface and of course displacement. Interesting tradeoffs. (BTW, if any eastern NA sailors do want to import a d-zero, PM me - I'm just an individual, but pooled orders are cheaper, let's say. And I'm considering it - though I'd better not break a mast by sticking it in the mud).
Nice looking boats, probably better features than a Laser.
But the Laser out Sold the Force 5 and Banshee's including a 75lbs Banshee from the beginning.


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One thing I did notice is that the sail seems to be a mast sleeve design, like the laser (or at least it appears that way). This, from the convenience standpoint is IMHO a minus compared with Dzero and Aero.

BTW, if anyone does have any interest in importing an D-zero into the US, PM me, I'm actively pursuing this.