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Hull Repair Questions


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I have a 1973 Laser #9665 with some various damaged areas. The boat is in amazing shape for its age, and I plan to race with the boat. I'm wondering how and if repairs should be made.

1. Mast Step
It isn't leaking water into the hull and it hasn't broken yet, but there is noticeable cracking. See attached photo.

What I am considering doing is sanding the area down into the fiberglass, then adding a few layers of glass over top, then reapply gelcoat. Is this a good idea? Should I cut an inspection port and add fiberglass to the other side as well?

Also, I have heard that boats of this era have weak mast steps or lack strength of newer boats. Is this true, and can I upgrade this boat?

2. Cabin hole

Not sure how it happened, but there is a badly cracked area that is allowing water into the hull at the back of the cabin.

How should I go about repairing this? Will I need to add an inspection port?

As of now the boat has no inspection ports, and I would rather not add one, but I am willing to if need be.

Thank you!

Cactus Cowboy

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Yeah, you'll wanna address that mast step before it gets worse. Wouldn't hurt to go ahead and install an inspection port, that's a nasty incipient crack and you can put the ol' kibosh on it before it gets worse... totally worth the time, money & effort. The other trouble spot in the cockpit should also be repaired, left alone it will only get worse over time. Depending upon how bad it already is, you may get away with simply grinding and/or sanding the area and re-glassing it. A lick of paint afterward, or gelcoat if you wanna go to the trouble. That's not an area that's really noticeable while under way... so you make the call. These are easy repairs, best to get them done before the ugliness grows, lol. Cheers!