Hull Repair on Mod 1.

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I have a 1984 Mod 1 that suffered a punctured hull from being stored on an un-bunked trailer. The roller penetrated the hull about 4 inches from the side of centerboard. There also appears to be a dark foam substance beneath the hole that I assume is from foam in the base of the hull. Has anyone repaired a similar hole that might have some insight? Any help would be appreciated.

1984 Capri 14.2
First you have to get rid of all the damaged fiberglass by cutting and grinding it away. Fiberglass is resin and glass fiber, so wear a protection so you do not breathe in bits of glass.

Put a piece of string through some thin flexible backer board. Almost anything will work in a pinch. Shove the backboard into the hull via the hole and pull taught with the string to give you a surface to apply the first layer of glass and resin. Let it dry.

Then just add glass and resin until happy. Finishing resin and gel coat, paint, wax etc... see YouTube for details.

if it is 3 layers, fiberglass, foam, fiberglass - just do it in steps.