Hull Painting



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Great Sailors,

Does anyone have experience with painting the hull?

Type of paint?

Brush? Roller? Spray?

Thank you in advance.

I've painted a couple of Fiberglass hulls before. One I used a polythane rolled on and brush tipped down. After two coats, I then sanded to a smooth finish with 400, then 600 grit. Finally applied a coat of teflon wax. Came out great. Just recently sprayed a Laser with Kyrlon Fusion. Wet sanded with 600 then Tefloned. Looks great , much less work than rolling. Both boats are dry sailed and have held up great so far.
for deep stuff, Bondo makes a resin paste filler. For the small scatches bondo glazing compound has worked nice for me. Walmart sells both in the auto department.

rjs: If you cannot spray, roll with the small dia. fine sponge rollers (avail. at Home Depot in Phoenix area, used for polyurethane on doors,etc.). I put linear polyurethane on an old fiberglass boat and it came out gleaming. Did just a little fine tipping with a brush. Linear Polyurethane is expensive, but its good! You do need a smooth surface to put it on, as any scratches or bumps show nicely too. Dick

When you shot that boat with the fusion, did you just get it in rattle cans, or did you buy it in bulk and shoot it with a compressor and gun? I'm preping my 14.2 for painting now, and was going to buy some expensive bottom paint, but if I can get away with a case of rattle cans, I'll do that. It is was rattle cans, how many do you think I'll need?