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Hull cradle

Benny Hooper

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I want to build a cradle to store my Sunfish on our deck. Does anyone have or know of plans or templets for a cradle. I want to store the hull “deck side down” and “bottom side up”.

signal charlie

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Consider wide nylon straps vs hard cradle. Place supports under where fiberglass meets fiberglass inside the hull, like at the mast step, daggerboard trunk and fore and aft cockpit edges.

Charles Howard

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Signal charlie is right. Once had one built to the hull shape. So much easier to build a fame, put straps on and it will configure itself to the shape. Like a dynamic dolly.


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I've used "retired" fire hose. The six-inch hose (measured flat) is very strong. If it should fail, it'll fail at the attachment points—not in the fabric itself. I've got a few lengths for sale, but they're heavy, and postage will be pricey.

BTW: I have to use an ax to cut the hose to length! :eek: Did I mention it was tough? :(

I got away with just two straps, which came in handy when the boat needed turning over.