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Expired Hull 1041- Rhode Island- $4500

This classified ad has expired.
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J24 Hull 1041 for sale. The boat is fast, out of Newport's Fleet 50 and has been raced by some of the biggest names in the class over the past 25 years. The last boat built in 1978, the aft hatch has been converted, still has the original forward hatch (wasn't converted to save weight and previous owner liked the big hatch, as do I). The boat does not have a measurement certificate and is light. Boat was redone in 2013 with deck re-cored, new Harken winches, windward sheeting traveler car, tapered spin pole, new Awlgrip and VC Offshore bottom. Comes with single axle trailer, set up to ramp launch and retrieve, also has gin pole. One suit of sales that are club raceable.

Boat has been PHRF raced over the past 10 years, winning lots of races. Was the overall Figawi winner in 2013, winning its class and the entire spinnaker fleet as well as being 1st boat to finish out of 150 boats including several J24's. Has won the Bristol Yacht Club Wednesday Night series, races in Nova Scotia and some others around the Northeast.

Boat is setup to launch and race anywhere with a steep boat ramp, so it can travel to regattas and not incur yard fees.

The boat has been parked for most of the past 3 years since I bought a Tartan Ten. It will need some cleaning and probably some new hardware and I would touch up and sand the bottom before racing. Probably a weekends worth of work.

Marc- [email protected]


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Marc, please contact me, I am very interested in your boat.
Any pictures inside and of the boat on the trailer.

I would like to give her a new home in the sunny South.

Please advise if she is still for sale!!!
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