How Would You Repair These?


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It's been years since I bought my pre-owned boat and I'm finally getting around to repairing 2 gelcoat dings from previous owners.

One ding is about 17 inches towards the stern from the bow, along the centerline of the hull. That ding is 1 inch long, right down to the glass.

The other one is right next to the lower rudder gudgeon, right where the transom transitions to the hull.

How would you suggest I repair these? The only thing I don't want to use is Marine Tex. I hate that stuff.


- Andy



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I'd use gelcoat, or pigmented surfacing resin from a surf shop that does board repairs. I'd probably use a little matt or chopped-up cloth to build up those exposed glass areas just a tad, then use gelcoat or pigmented surfacing resin to finish the job. Got a surf shop nearby that does board repairs? Walk in there with a six-pack of beer late in the day, they'll probably give ya everything ya need to do the job. Show 'em some pics from your phone or camera, that way they'll know it's not a task which requires a great amount of material. Take some small vials or jars with tight caps for the resin, catalyst & pigment, just in case they don't have any handy. Otherwise, buy the gelcoat and deal with it that way. I don't like the look of that Marine Tex cr@p either, it looks like nautical Bondo, and just about as classy, LOL. I've never used it, I've always stuck with resin & glass or gelcoat. Good luck, at least the damage isn't that bad, could be a lot worse... :rolleyes:


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C'mon Andy... If we're going to compete at all on Tomales Bay, your boat should have at least a fraction of the dings mine has! :D
Actually, that bow ding was from when I rammed you by accident when we were planning in formation, remember? And the other ding was from later that same day when you stuffed your bow and submarined my stern coming down that big wave.

- Andy