How to score a circuit?


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JR Futcher's D11 circuit series has me inspired. I'd like to do one for D18, but it's probably too late for this coming year. If I'm to do one I need info. First, how is it scored? Is there somewhere where I can read about this? US Sailing's website is so huge that sometimes it's hard to find stuff.



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Texas has a bunch of Circuits. The most successful was the J-24 circuit of the eighties. ( It'sa shadow survives as a larger series than all but the J-22 class series)
The J-24 class circuit has always been the model for the rest of us.

it was.
New Orleans..February ( warm up event was Mardi Gras. Many Texas boats were dropped in New Orleans on trip home from maimi Midwinters))
Fort Worth...March
Dallas Chandlers..April
Dallas Rush Creek.. Southwest Championships world qualifier Memorial day weekend Three days of sailing
Austin ...Weekend after July Fourth ( Warm up event was the Austin Governor's cup)
Houston.. Late July
Corpus Christi... Western Open World Qualifier August..There was wind there
San Antonio Canyon Circus regatta. end of circuit..Wurstfest keel weekend was warm up

There were typically 45 to 60 J-24s at each regatta and hotshots came from all over the world to compete.
The boats were scpored not the skippers...except for the world's berths..Skippers were scored for that purpose.

Best Five of the eight stops counted. It took three races to have a regatta. NO individual race THROWOUTS within the events.

The regattas each collected a few bucks per boat at each event and trophoies were given to the top ten, road warriors who sailed all the stoips and usually a most improved and other grow the fleet awards were thoughtfully distributed.

Since about 192 when participation crashed in the J-24 fleet to around 20 boats per stop, we have all tried to get another similar circuit going win ANY other boat.

Some years we do a reasonably good job .