How to remove rust stains ?


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make a wet slurry of barkeepers friend and see if it will soak away in five minutes.


paint it white

It removes rust stains from gelcoat but....I'm not so sure oxthallic acid is safe on might try some on a sailbag and see.

Or just wear the stains with pride...nobody likes being passed by a grubby looking sail
Depending upon location/convenience to you, most sail shops will clean the sail for a "moderate" price. Look them up, and ask for a price quote.
When I had my sails refurbished for a larger boat (main for day sailing on Ensenada), local sail shop cleaned it, resewed battens, reinforced grommet for $75. I asked the sailmaker what they used to clean the sail, and he said that they used a "hydrogen peroxide" solution. And the rust stains where gone, after they cleaned the sail.